This google Spreadsheet is a collaboration of how deep ores are in every stellar object in the game

This NIS.DO playtool helps you understand logic gates for building circuits ingame

A Collection of Tools and Links for Dual Universe. is an Art Porfolio website. NQ has made post here of ingame assets.

Planet DU is a player driven site where anyone can become a contributor and create a new post for guides or just to share their knowledge on any part of dual universe they’re interested in. These posts are vetted for authenticity and our goal is to create a valuable resource for everyone who enjoys playing dual universe.

Hyperium is an ingame organization that is providing this open to use website (you have to register to login) to use its different tools that could greatly improve your game experience.

This ship store was born out of the popular DU Creators Discord, an all-around social resource for DU players. You'll find coordinates to public boxes full of free voxel library blueprints, links to videos, voxelmancy-specific help channels and an index of player Creator channels to post whatever creations, works-in-progress or thoughts you feel like sharing.