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The Novian Institute of Standard is an organization focused of creating standards and procedures to help players better interact with each other. You can check out our github repository to help out maintaining projects of interest to you up to date.


DU Creators

This ship store was born out of the popular DU Creators Discord, an all-around social resource for DU players. You'll find coordinates to public boxes full of free voxel library blueprints, links to videos, voxelmancy-specific help channels and an index of player Creator channels to post whatever creations, works-in-progress or thoughts you feel like sharing.

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Got a NQ approved Image you want to share? is hosting a NQ approved sharing document, where you can upload and see images from other players. See what you like and share what you have.

Author: NIS

Links: Form link Here

DU Orbital Hud

Dual Universe HUD, custom control scheme, and autopilot with orbital information, braking distances, and Rezoix's pitch/roll hud with some fixes and major adjustments. Includes a virtual joystick implementation that doesn't have the giant white circle around it.

Author: Dimencia



yamamushi dumap

The purpose of this project is to create an open source alternative to the map inside of Dual Universe. Great repo full of useful tools for developers. A big thank you to Velenka for the link and reference.

DU Recipies JSON

Dual Universe Game item recipes json file. This file contains all the items craftable in the game in a json format easy to integrate on your coding projects. Its an fork-extract from the project of with the data sorted differently.